Show and Tell with Tunes 35 - He Put The Taz In Tazmania

June 8, 2017

We have our 1st guest show with Ben Wyatt of Asiamania podcast, he has picked all 10 songs for today with the theme of them all being bands and ongs he has seen live.


MIYAVI - Whats My Name?

The Cult - Lil Devil


Christopher Coleman - Go Home

Jordie Lane - I Could Die Looking For You

Tex Perkins - Still The Same


Alice Cooper - Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Guns n Roses - It's So Easy

Mötley Cüre - On With The Show


Union - Jungle

Sarah McLeod - He Dosen't Love You


Find Ben at @asismaina on twitter and asiamania podcast on iTunes and all other podcast app's 



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